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From our head office in Emden Germany we are within easy reach of any destination be it local, national or international.

Based on a long family tradition in shipping industry; the van Hove family has overseen the affairs of their clients with commitment and success for more than 60 years.

Since 2010 also Captain Haye van Hove (Dipl. Ing) committed to follow this tradition and founded “Hanse Survey”.

Your advantages to collaborate with us:

  • Our clients get all relevant services first-hand
  • All-embracing and personal service and support
  • Custom-made approach to solving a problem
  • Best-practice-knowledge

Our staffs constantly receive further training in order to keep their knowledge up to date and to be at your disposal with their expert knowledge.





Justus Weegens van Hove


The Schooner „ETTA“, Flag number 625, Call sign KBPN, was delivered in 1863 in Papenburg, built by the shipbuilding master B. Mammes.Her dimensions were 81,0 m  (l. o. a.), 54m (lwl) and 122 GT.

It was owned by a shipping company of fourteen partners. 15/60 were owned by the Master Justus Weegens van Hove from Oldersum.


Following voyages are documented:

  • 1864 Alexandria (dep. 31.08.) to Sandwich
  • 1865 San Lucar (arr. 17.02.) after a stormy voyage
  • 1869 Havanna (arr. 19.06.) from Graytown
  • 1882 Hamburg (dep. loaded 19.06.) to Porto Cabello (arr. 16.09.)


Georg van Hove

  • 1930′ Georg van Hove became superintendent at the Westfälische Transport AG (WTAG) with about 178 own vessels.
  • 1940′ he became a sworn draft surveyor announced by the chamber of commerce he founded “Protector” a company for inspections of vessels and their cargo.

After many rewarding years he handed over the management to his sons.



Edzard van Hove

While the management was handed over from father to son, Edzard van Hove sailed on general cargo deep sea vessels to enhance his profession and provide his expertise to the company.


  • 1961 he graduated as a Master Mariner at the independent state-owned Seafarer School in Leer.
  • 1965 he became a Master and Supercargo for well known shipping companies as “Hamburg-Süd” (HSDG) and Europa-Afrika Linie (EAL).
  • 1971 he founded his own company and became a sworn surveyor for international shipping by the chamber of commerce.
  • End of 1976 he was recognized and appointed as compass adjuster for the German Hydrographic Institute (DHI later BSH).


Haye van Hove

was following the long family tradition with a career at sea:

  • In 2004, after apprenticeship as a ships mechanic, he received his STCW licence as a navigational watch officer (NWO) at the department for maritime studies in Leer.
  • 2006 the German Hydrographic Institute (BSH) announced him as a recognized organisation to repair and test standard- and steering magnetic compasses.
  • 2008 receiving his Master mariner licence and his first command.
  • Furthermore in 2008 he was recognized and appointed as compass adjuster for the German Hydrographic Institute (BSH).
  • 2009 on the sideline to his command, he graduated with the Diploma industrial engineer for maritime traffic at the department for maritime studies in Leer.
  • 2010 he established the company “Hanse Survey” to provide expertise and knowhow to all involved parties in shipping business.

In the way the Company policy is to provide excellent services, with high standards and gain further knowledge and expertis…

  • 2013 he became a sworn draft surveyor for ocean going- and inland going- vessels by the chamber of commerce.
  • 2014 again the chamber of commerce announced him as a sworn surveyor for transport damages and cargo securing in shipping.


ISO 9001 certification




This website will only give you an overview of our company and its wide range of services in the field of marine survey.

We know that vessels vary and therefore so do the tasks that arise with them. With individual concepts and competent consulting we assist our clients. To clarify the matter a personal meeting is preferred, preferably on board your vessel.

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